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High quality of the products

A great t-shirt design is cool! However, it is important to preserve the design, and this requires high quality knitted shirts and high-tech paint for prints. No design compensates a stretched T-shirt, deformed collar, faded paint or cracked pattern.

We love our designs and want them to delight you for a long time. This is why PiterGo! uses only T-shirts with a guaranteed high quality knitwear.

We work with reliable manufacturers of textiles. Only 100% quality cotton!

We use only environmentally friendly and resistant paint. The printing process is carried out on the professional equipment of famous brands, where the patterning is controlled by qualified technicians.

Important! The colors of purchased item and its design may vary slightly depending on your screen settings.

Not less important! Please notice that handmade items may negligibly differ from each other. Thank you for your understanding.