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A T-shirt can become a great canvas to demonstrate a designer’s talent.

We work with a group of talented, extraordinary Petersburg artists and designers. In our products one can see the embodiment of their unique and wonderful ideas.

This is not a T-shirt, this is a piece of art you purchase from PiterGo! 




Vladlen Gavrilchik

From the very beginning of PiterGo! project we have promised you to offer real pieces of arts of Petersburg designers and artists, who understand the city, its history and emotions. You will never come across trivial sightseeing pictures, revolutionary claims or presidents’ portraits in our store. Here is the place for art only!


Today we are happy to introduce you to an unique person, outstanding Petersburg avant-garde artist, whose works you are going to see more in our project. Vladlen Gavrilchik is a ‘grandfather of soviet avant-garde’.

His works have reflected the very real Petersburg arts derived from the uneasy soviet past: ironic, but not vulgar, easy and deep, bright, clear and still up-to-date.


Gavrilchik was born in 1929. Yes, today he is 86. His works are displayed in Russian Museum and New York Galleries. And this fantastic person, full of sense of humor and endless optimism, still shares his flat with home maters in the city center. He keeps on creating in his small cabinet, anxious of his ideas.

When we offered him to print his works on our T-shirts he didn’t hesitate even for a moment: ‘Culture should be shared. Works should not collect dust in the galleries. Let people wear it, let the paintings join the real life,’ he says, ‘this is the real Gloria Mundi.


‘Gavrilchik has always been the most colorful figure of Petersburg art life. His life story also needs to be written up: the winner of Beria marathon, naval mariner – frontiersman, skipper, train conductor, guardian, boiler-house operator, pensioner, artist – exponent at the Russian Museum an poet, whose poem regardless the early sclerosis of our generation, we do remember by heart’, says vice head of new stream department of Russian Museum, member of AICA and Russian Artists Union, Doctor of arts, Alexander Borovsko.     




Polina Pakulova

Polina, talented and active artist from Petersburg.


1.What spheres of arts and creative work you are attracted by the most?

Textile, photography, architecture.

2.What/who inspires you?

Talented people are always a great source of inspiration. They give power and energy. Looking at them you want to create more and more.


3.What do you think about your early works?

I am quite positive about them. You can see your creative development in them. It is always interesting to turn back to them…


4. What feeling does Petersburg bring to you?

Petersburg is my endless well of inspiration. It urges me to make my ideas and plans real.

5. What do you think about PiterGo! idea?

I think it is good idea. Tees are of good quality and natural textiles. Interesting design and handmade make the item unique.

6. Which of the tees would you wear?  

I prefer light colored tees and bright designs. They revive my spirit, you can wear them everywhere.

7. What’s good in PiterGo! products to the residents of our city?  

Important that the products have the soul.  The very nature of Petersburg is reflected in the designs. I guess that the guests our city should love it, too.


Ksenia Kugaevskaya

My name is Ksenia Kugaevskaya (born 1985). In 2010 I graduated from Repin St.Petersburg Academy of Arts. Established by Catherine II, this is one of the oldest and prestigious institutes in our city.

I am involved in different projects related to arts, paintings, graphics, design, restoration, interrior design and many more. Recently I have been trying to devote more time for painting, this is a special sourse of insipration for me. I am always interested to look back at my early works. You can understand how your level has changed with time. You can see your flaws and fine points.

I was born in Petersburg and cannot imagine living in any other city. In my opinion, this is one of the most creative cities not only in Russia, but in the whole world. One can hardly meet so many artists, sculptors, architechts and designers in one place. We live in such a beautiful place so that everytihng exudes the creativity and harmony here. 

I think idea of PiterGo! is promising especially when now handmande items are very popular both among local people and tourists. Handmade item is not just s souvenir, but a wearable present than can fit to your look. You can wear PiterGo! items in daily life and special events - they are bright and colorful, they will cheer you up.











Elena Bogomyakova

Born in Urals Elena could not resist the appeal of Petersburg.


1.What spheres of arts and creative work you are attracted by the most?

Paintings, graphics, sculpture.


2.What/who inspires you?

Beauty in all different ways. A magic of our world inspires a lot. I wish I could share my impressions more.


3.What do you think about your early works?

Early works are always the beginning of the path. I have positive attitude to them. They are a kind of reminder that you can always do better. One should always strive for excellence.


4.What feeling does Petersburg bring to you?

It inspires me. It brings up different feelings. It’s important that the feelings occur, no matter which ones. The affection, feeling alive matters.

5. What do you think about PiterGo! idea?

Brilliant idea. Exhaustively. :)

6. Which of the tees would you wear?  

One can choose designs according to his or her mood. You can wear them everywhere.

7. What’s good in PiterGo! products to the residents of our city?  

Good that it reminds about arts and creativity. It’s important for me.