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About Us

PiterGo! – Legendary T-shirts from St. Petersburg.

PiterGo! is online design store where you will find creative T-shirts, sweatshirts, accesories and souvenirs. Highlight your individuality  and express your attitude to our lovely city!

We are a team of St. Petersburg artists and designers. We live and work in the amazing city that has become an endless source of inspiration for us.

Living history and rhythms of the modern European metropolis, art and creativity, romance and mystery – all these make our city unique and incredibly beautiful.

The city is special for each of us. What face of it is congenial to you the most – Petrograd, Petersburg, Leningrad or just Peter? If you wish to emphasize your style and express your attitude towards your favorite city, then we have exactly what you need.

All kind of creatively different beauty of Peter and its self-deprecating humor are reflected in our PiterGo! T-shirts. These are not a one-off souvenir T-shirts, these are real masterpieces!

Wear PiterGo! clothes and be proud of your city!