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Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure the width and length of the T-shirts?

T-shirt’s width is measured right under the arms. Since it isn’t a close-fitting T-shirt, it does not change the way down. The length is measured from the edge of the collar to the bottom edge.

Is it possible to wash T-shirts in the washing machine?

Yes, it is. Just set the wash temperature to 40 degrees.

Is it possible to iron a print on a T-shirt?

It is not recommended. It is best to iron the reverse side of the T-shirt.

Why does some paint come off with the first wash?

Some models of very bright colors do color the water after the first wash because the excess paint is coming off. After two or three washings it stops while the colors of t-shirts and drawings remain unchanged.

Does a T-shirt shrink after washing and change its size?

 No, T-shirts are pre-washed and heat-set during production, so they do not change their shape after washing.

Do your couriers call a customer before delivery?

Yes, the courier gives a call to a customer before delivery.

Can I order a t-shirt in another country, for example, in Belarus?

Yes you can. Minimum order for shipping outside Russia is five T-shirts. For more details please contact customer service.

Are there discounts for regular customers?

Of course! Our regular customers are provided with discounts.