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Amazing recipe of boxes of impressions.

Walking in St. Petersburg, I would like to capture every detail, every emotion, to cook and bake and put in a separate box of impressions. Here's a great recipe to create a masterpiece. Take a glass of impressions of the city, mix them with images of attractions, stir gently, then slowly pour the emotions and smiles of the people from the streets, add a pinch of sun and rain, stir thoroughly until smooth.


To give to boxes it is more than romanticism, slowly we pour the love mood mixed with friendship and a drop of dreams.  


To  create a box of the summer city you should  add a glass of sunshine, a pinch of a sea breeze and two spoons of bicycle walks in the received mass of impressions.


To make a more bright and airy impression pour a pinch of euphoria or freshness.


If you like the city in the New Year holidays,  you can add the spruce of needles and colored lights bulbs. Then the box will smell mandarins and fir branches.


For those who prefer architectural delights, you can decorate the top sights of St. Petersburg, or even draw a colorful map of the subway! It is necessary to bake our miracle at a usual Petersburg temperature! And, voila! Our boxes of impressions are ready! Surely add to them gifts and give to friends!


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