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If you would ask me what the writer Petersburg symbolizes for me, I will answer - Dostoevsky. Ask - why do I think so? Because he is so  clearly described the atmosphere, people, weather, mood, and even a map of St. Petersburg, which to this day - he is one of the most important pop idols personify St. Petersburg. Everyone who has read the works of the great master, arrived in St. Petersburg (especially in November), the first thing exclaim: "It's like Dostoevsky!" Yes, the city in his books dark, cold and unfriendly, but this is Peter, baby! Yes, he is. Fedor Mikhaylovich is a cultural icon of people of different generations and the countries, he out of time, out of fashion and out of space. Love, psychology of the relations, subtlety of feelings, difficult vital experiences and decisions, beauty and ugliness - all this St. Petersburg Dostoyevsky. We look at the city through his eyes.

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