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On a small street in St. Petersburg, it is called Malaya Sadovaya, there is cats. Their names Elisey and Vasilisa. In the days of The Siege of Leningrad, they saved the city from the invasion of rats. People were grateful cats and have made them in bronze and settled them on one and the most beautiful streets of St. Petersburg. Their monuments are invisible among fuss of Malaya Sadovaya. On cornice of Eliseevsky shop significant Elisey sits. Across the street, with curiosity looks at him elegant Vasilisa. If you throw a coin on a pedestal to Elisha, he will fulfill your desire. Just try! These cats - are original a monument to eternal love, in bronze.On a crowded street, they look at each other every day, but can not meet. So when you will walk on Malaya Sadovaya with somebody in love, Hug him! And there will be to you a happiness from cats in love!

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