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Selfie with bridges

Selfie with bridges.

Petersburg is famous for its water infrastructure; its rivers and channels is a kind of blood circulatory system of a huge city. Bridges turn out to be its main décor. Wikipedia says there are 300 bridges in Peter, but there are only 13 of them are bascule ones. And still they are the ones that attract visitors from all over the world. I have a very little idea of bridge engineering and in the end of the day one may think there is nothing special about two bridge parts swinging upward to let the boats pass. But intelligent and very romantic Petersburgers have found a way to turn a mechanic action into magic, having made drawbridges one of the most important symbols of Petersburg.

Ah hell yeah! Isn’t it beautiful when several meters long monster is stretching upward into a sky ablaze with orange light? Surrounded by Petersburg’s eclectic sceneries people gaze, cameras trying to catch touching moment. Do you have a selfie with drawing bridges? I guess my favorite bridge in Peter is Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge, Peter the Great Bridge. This is not a very usual construction for classic Petersburg’s architecture. Entering it you feel you travel to England in early XX century. The bridge’s metal laces compose arches and light houses. Peter is a place where one can find arts of different countries, times and cultures, and to take picture with it!

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