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10 Reasons to Love Peter

Piter charges his energy, inspires a variety of creative experiments, makes people dream, and sometimes adjusts to philosophical mood. We live in St. Petersburg, we love this city.

Here are 10 reasons why:


1. Architecture.

Petersburg - is an amazing labyrinth of beautiful palaces and mansions, churches and cathedrals, arches and courtyards, streets and avenues, architectural delights and simplicity. Sights and masterpieces of architecture in St. Petersburg at every step.




2. History.

St. Petersburg - the city where there were most grandiose historical events, there lived emperors. Great figures, poets, writers, artists, musicians, actors lived and created here. Pushkin had dinner at small restaurant on the Nevsky, and Dostoyevsky walked on canals and bridges.




3. White nights.

From late May to early July, the sky is no longer darken and become closer and more beautiful. The city doesn't sleep, life boils on the avenues and the streets day and night, and a lot of tourists come here to see this amazing sight.




4. Coffee.

Yes! And who does not love some coffee?This is the same beverage that is brewed in St. Petersburg is excellent! And only he can save in dank Petersburg weather.




5. Bridges.

 And them in St. Petersburg many about 800 types, 13 from them adjustable. The most known of them - Palace Bridge, Trinity Bridge  and Liteyny Bridge . The most famous of them - Foundry, Trinity and Palace. For native petersburgers bridges are considered not so much fun as an annoying obstacle to get home to his native Vasilevsky Island. But we that with you know that this majestic show should be seen at least  once in life!



6. Neva.

Neva River length only of 74 km, but, despite it, it proceeds across the territory a little less, than the territory of Italy. Neva is majestic at all seasons of the year: covered by ice and snow,  in the drizzling rain, or sparkling under the summer sun. Embankments of Neva emphasize grandness of architectural complexes of St. Petersburg.



7. Rains.

Give to St. Petersburg special charm and romanticism. The true Petersburger always complains of weather and carries with himself an umbrella a jacket, and it is better both together.




8. Roofs.

You want to feel like Carlson?  Tired of noisy crowds of tourists? Perhaps one of the most interesting trips you can make on the roofs of St. Petersburg. As well as on city streets it is possible to walk and cross the whole quarters there. It is very interesting, but, of course, very dangerous.




9. Theaters and museums.

Petersburg - a cultural capital, there are many museums and theaters. Modern and classical. The most famous theater is - Mariinsky, Alexandria and St. Michael. And the most famous museums - the Hermitage and the Russian Museum. Although Kunstkammer Museum of Hygiene and much more fun.




10. Inspiration.

This is Peter, baby! It has its own atmosphere, its own rhythm, its own mood. This city is impossible not to love.

And we love you, Piter!

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